Pittsburgh to Pirates: Come home from Delaware!

Contact: Kyndall Mason

PITTSBURGH – On Sunday, June 26th, residents of Pittsburgh will rally together at the Roberto Clemente Statue at noon to demand that CEOs – like the Pirates’ owner Bob Nutting — do what’s right and stop taking advantage of tax loopholes that hurt our city and our state.

Even when the Pirates had 18 straight losing seasons its ownership continued to win at the bank, thanks to something called the “Delaware Loophole”. Corporations set up mailboxes across the state line and avoid paying Pennsylvania income tax, even when most or all of their business is conducted right here. In addition to the Pirates, Bob Nutting also owns a chain of local papers, including the Altoona Mirror, as well as Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Not a single one of his business ventures is located in Delaware, but they are all incorporated there, which means his companies don’t pay a dime of corporate income tax to the state of Pennsylvania. Citizens will be formally offering Bob Nutting a change of address form, in the hopes that he moves his businesses back to Pennsylvania, where they operate.

Because 70 percent of all corporations in Pennsylvania do just what Bob Nutting does, our state misses out on $500 million in tax revenue annually. Meanwhile, tax-paying residents lose their jobs, their kindergartens, their buses and their social services because of revenue shortfalls.

With its share of the $500 million in lost tax revenue, the city of Pittsburgh could hire 258 Firefighters, or 182 nurses, or 231 teachers. Taxpayers contributed $190 million of public money to build the Pirates’ stadium. They expect the businesses they invest in to do their share to create a city that works for us all.

What: Organized citizens demanding Pirates’ ownership pay corporate income tax
When: Sunday, June 26th at 12:00pm
Where: Roberto Clemente Statue, just outside PNC Park
Visual: Citizens will be passing out fliers, holding signs and delivering a change of address form to Bob Nutting


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