The Pirates need to come home from Delaware!

Sunday was game three of the sold out series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Red Sox. It was also our chance to make sure our message was heard loud and clear: Corporations need to start paying their fair share.

We drew the attention of thousands of onlookers and delivered a change of address form to the Pirates’ ownership, demanding they return home from Delaware! We will not be swept under the rug!

Watch the TV news coverage here:

The Pirates are one of the 70 percent of corporations that take advantage of the “Delaware Loophole.” The loophole allows companies to simply acquire an address in Delaware, a state with no income tax, in order to avoid paying corporate income tax to the state of Pennsylvania. Closing the Delaware Loophole would pump $500 million into our crippled state budget.

PNC Park was built with taxpayer money, and now the Pirates skip out on their tax bill? One Pittsburgh will not sit idle while our schools are closed, bus routes cut and public services diminished. The Pirates need to come home from Delaware!

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