Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sounds off on our ExxonMobil rally

In a follow up article for our ExxonMobil rally the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette proclaims:

ExxonMobil’s June 2 purchase of two Marcellus Shale drilling companies couldn’t have come at a better time for Pittsburgh United.

The broad-based activist group — allied with unions, clergy members, environmentalists and left-wing politics — had already organized its Friday protest against Exxon’s use of tax loopholes by the time the oil company’s Marcellus Shale expansion became public.

Pittsburgh United is one of many coalition partners that One Pittsburgh has teamed with in our fight for good jobs, strong communities and corporate accountability. The article goes on to explain:

Exxon paid $1.69 billion for 317,000 acres owned by Phillips Resources of Warrendale and TWP Inc. of Butler.

“Exxon is in the news at the moment, but the reality is that Big Oil is buying up all the shale gas in the state,” organizer Barney Oursler said. “These companies, many of whom took bailouts, are not paying taxes to support services.”

Our rally and march to let ExxonMobil and other corporations know that we will not stand for continued corporate welfare was a success and was the first of many to come.

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