Join the People’s Lobby. Tell Toomey to vote YES! on the American Jobs Act

It’s not every day that we have a chance to put America Back to work. But today, Pennsylvania’s Senator Pat Toomey has a clear choice to make: get us on the job repairing bridges, fixing up schools and starting small businesses, or keep America jobless and hopeless.

Today the Senate will vote on the American Jobs Act. The American Jobs Act would go a long way to help fix our jobs emergency. It would invest in our communities and infrastructure, create good jobs and work to create an economy where everyone pays their fair share.

Yesterday—during rush hour—our People’s Lobby stood up on the Greensfield Bridge to hold a candlelight vigil. The bridge, situated over the Parkway East, is falling apart.

One Pittsburgh on the Greenfield Bridge

Here’s what the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said:

“Members of One Pittsburgh, a collection of local groups advocating for job creation and corporate accountability, chose to meet on the Greenfield Bridge because they believe it could benefit if lawmakers pass the American Jobs Act.”

“Many of the people gathered Monday seemed most concerned about the bill’s potential to create new jobs.”

“Before the vigil, [they] gathered on the bridge and held a large banner saying ‘Good Jobs Now.’”

In poll after poll and townhall after townhall we’ve told our Senator PUT US TO WORK! There’s still time to tell Toomey how you expect him to vote with Pennsylvania’s majority. Call him at 412-803-350 and Bob Casey at 412-803-7370. Tell their staff that the senators should support the American Jobs Act and put Pittsburgh back to work!

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