One Campus Students to Challenge Area University Presidents: Stand with Students against Tuition Hikes and Cuts to Education

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October 26, 2011

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One Campus Students to Challenge Area University Presidents: Stand with Students against Tuition Hikes and Cuts to Education

As student debt tops $1 Trillion and as graduating students find it increasingly difficult to find jobs, Pittsburgh university students stand together to demand no cuts, good jobs, and tax policy that supports affordable education for all

Pittsburgh – More than 10 percent of current college graduates are unable to find employment after graduation, an unemployment rate that is higher than the national average. At the same time, the cost of a four-year college education has increased by almost 50 percent over the last decade, while wages have grown by only 4 percent over the same time frame.

Unsurprisingly, students have begun defaulting on education loans at the highest levels in the history of the program. Many economists think the student loan problem is the next crisis of our economy, similar to the mortgage loan crisis.

One Campus, the student arm of One Pittsburgh, will be challenging top administrators at the University of Pittsburgh, Community College of Allegheny County and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, to demand tuition freezes, an end to cuts, and that everyone – including corporations and the top 1% of society – pay their fair share to ensure that college remains affordable for middle class families.

Corey Buckner, a graphic design student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh living in Garfield, said, “I am accruing a large amount of debt attending the Art Institute. There are just no jobs out there. I am looking now and beginning to realize that I will probably have to just keep working my job as a server, at a restaurant I can’t even afford to eat at, after I graduate; which is depressing man. It’s time for students to take a stand for themselves and stop letting schools and huge investment companies hold our futures hostage.”

The peaceful marches will also include students turning over thousands of signatures of support for the tuition freeze. CCAC students from various campuses, who face a mid-year tuition hike, will all join the students at their Northside location.

WHO: One Campus

WHAT: Challenging Chancellors to Stand up for Students

WHERE: UPITT: Schenley Plaza; Art Institute: Back of Shannon Hall on Second Ave; CCAC: front of Milton Hall on Ridge Way

WHEN: Friday, Oct. 28 12:00pm (noon)


One Pittsburgh is a coalition of community, faith and labor groups standing up for an economy that works for all. One Pittsburgh is a campaign of Pittsburgh UNITED.

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