One Pittsburgh rolls out the (human) red carpet for Corbett

One Pittsburgh rolls out the (human) red carpet for Gov. Corbett at the Duquesne Club

On Friday we learned that Governor Corbett (aka Governor Corporate) was serving a really expensive lunch to his supporters at the ultra fancy Duquesne Club.

We were so glad that Corbett came to town that we took a little lunch break of our own, One Pittsburgh style. We rolled out the red carpet — right over ourselves — to symbolize what tax dodging and corporate greed means for the people of our city.

We’re pretty tired of Governor Corbett walking all over us. In his budget address earlier this month we learned that he plans to slash education, has no funding for transit and is gutting vital healthcare services. He claims he has no choice — because he took a pledge to NEVER make the superwealthy or tax-dodging corporations pay their fair share. That’s not right, and One Pittsburgh is standing up (and laying down!)  to put an end to government of, by, and for the one percent.

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