May Day at Hershey

protestors march in Hershey, PA

May Day took on a bigger note this year as hunderds of thousands of people marched in the streets of cities, and towns, across the country. In NYC there were roughly 15,000 people marching peacefully in the streets letting corporate America, and the politicians they purchased, know that their days are numbered. In Pennsylvania, people took to the streets in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and even Hershey.

One Pittsburgh showed strong numbers outside the Hershey shareholder meeting on May Day in support of the National Guestworker Alliance, the people who organized the foreign students who were tricked into awful working condition at the candy factory there in Hershey last year.

Check out our participation in it here:

In addition to exploiting student labor, The Milton Hershey School recently denied enrollment to Abraham, a young tween who happens to be HIV positive, into their school for disadvantaged youth.  The move, reminiscent of the 1980’s, brought in many protestors along side of those protesting Hershey.

The Milton Hershey School, while founded by the Hershey founder Milton Hershey  is not owned by the Hershey company.  Rather, it is a separate entity that owns the Milton Hershey School Trust which in turn owns $60 Million in Hershey stock.

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