One Pittsburgh visits fracking tax dodger EQT.

outside EQT Plaza

On April 18th, just one day after National Tax Day when One Pittsburgh played Tax Dodgeball in Market Square and demanded answers from Sen. Toomey about the failed Buffet Bill, One Pittsburgh showed up at the EQT corporation’s annual shareholder meeting to protest their tax dodging, exorbitant executive pay, and environmental neglect.

EQT Corporation, an energy corporation based in Pittsburgh, is one of the largest drillers of natural gas in the Appalacian Basin. In recent years, their business has grown due to the boom in natural gas drilling in our area. However, most people have not benefited from their growth because of favorable tax conditions, namely PA’s unprecedented lack of an extraction tax and the Delaware loophole mean that EQT does not pay it’s fair share after profiting from Pennsylvania’s resources.

Inside the meeting, protestors holding shares of EQT grilled executives on it’s practices. Rather than defending themselves, the executives suspended the meeting and all shareholders with dissenting opinions were removed from the meeting.

Pittsburgh Business Journal video from inside the meeting.

Outside, protestors rallied to get the word out about EQT’s tax dodging. Local activist Ted Popovich spoke at length about the environmental issues surrounding gas drilling and called upon EQT to stop its drilling operations until it can prove without a doubt that it is safe, and to invest more in green energy.

Video of outside protest

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