Candlelight Vigil for 285 Teaching Jobs Destroyed.

protestors gather outside Pittsburgh Public Schools administrative offices

On June 13, One Pittsburgh joined Yinzercation out side the Pittsburgh School District building in Oakland. We last joined with our friends at Yinzercation back in May at the “Night at the Opera” rally LINK were we teamed to protest Gov. Corbett’s “Lifetime Achievement” Award, for his supposed support of the arts.

June 13, was the last day of school, and the last day of work for 285 teachers in the district, unless Corbett fixes the budget. Schools across the state are losing funding and closing their doors. This hurts students, parents, teachers, administrators and our communities. It seems a little fishy that our Governor toys with the idea of give Shell, a highly profitable oil company, a $1.7 billion dollar tax break, while he watches our schools, and our future, drown in deficit.

Check out community member Debra Sorgi’s Op-Ed piece that ran in the Post-Gazette here: 

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