One Pittsburgh Asks Mitt Romney to leave $50,000 dinner and walk in our shoes

On July 17th Mitt Romney came to Pittsburgh for a private $50,000 a plate fundraiser at the Duquesne Club downtown, only to be confronted with protestors.

Romney has been defending his infamous tenure at Bain Capital with one ad telling the story of Ampad in Marion, In. What many people in Pittsburgh may not realize is that Ampad had a factory nearby in Westmoreland County.

At the rally Romney criticized Obama as wanting americans to be ashamed of success. It was ironic given that he succeeded in extracting $102 million from Ampad Bain while destroying jobs mere miles away and causing 65 local business to lose money that was owed to them by Ampad.

According to the Ampad trustee report, those businesses in Pennsylvania owed money by Ampadreceived less than $0.002 for every dollar owed.

This was not lost on protestors in Pittsburgh that heavily condemned the job losses that characterized Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital.

Furthermore, it was not lost on Pittsburghers that the fundraiser cost participants $50,000 for dinner – more than most people make in a year, or several years at the current minimum wage.

The minimum wage, which at one time was worth nearly $10/hr in today’s money, has not been indexed to inflation and has not been raised in three years.

Low wage worker Corey Buckner asked Romney to walk a day in his shoes. Romney did not address the protest, but the attention landed Corey on CNN talking about the challenge that the undervalued minimum wage presents.

While a major campaign talking point is job creation, no doubt important, but it gets lost in the shuffle that current jobs do not pay a living wage. We need to tell leaders that job growth doesn’t help if they don’t pay, and that we believe in a “Rise Up” economy that grows when everybody contributes.

Sign our petition and tell our elected officials to stand with working Americans.

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