On August 21st Paul Ryan made his first appearance as Mitt Romney’s running mate in Pittsburgh. Though he wants to focus on criticism of the President, he continued to be dogged by his infamous budget and medicare plan.

Early in the morning, outside of Beaver Steel Services more than 50 protestors were joined by local politicians in denouncing Ryan’s budget plan and his healthcare plan.

Ryan’s plan includes more tax breaks given to the richest in American society while making up the difference in lost revenue with massive budget cuts that would hit the 99% the hardest. He has made claims to close “loopholes” in the tax code to make the plan deficit neutral, but he has yet to name as single one.

Many have criticized the plan because the math does not add up, and because it appears to be exceedingly cruel to working Americans.

Protestors chanted “jobs not cuts” and “we are the 99%” with many holding signs denouncing Paul Ryan’s plan to turn medicare into a voucher system. Some signs mocked it as being similar to ‘coupons’ while others considered it a death sentence for the program.

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, and Jack Shea, the president of the Allegheny County Labor Council spoke to the press covering the event.

“Protecting tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires by raising them on the middle class is not good for us in Western Pennsylvania,” said Rich Fitzgerald.

“This is not the direction Pennsylvania needs to go, and you can tell by this support,” said Fetterman motioning to the protest “people do not want Paul Ryan and his budget in this area.”


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