Bain Worker Bus Visits Pittsburgh

Here in Pittsburgh we’ve been diligent about explaining the dangers of a Romney Economy.

We’ve talked with Pittsburghers that have worked for Bain owned companies and what it’s like to work more for Mitt. We’ve confronted Mitt and talked about how this area was affected when Bain closed down an Ampad factory outside of the city.

However, the Romney Economy is an issue that effects people all over America where Bain has taken root. So a group of  people who have worked for Bain owned companies have gone on tour, traveling the nation and sharing their stories.

They stopped in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Oct 5th and joined us in action as we took on Romney’s surrogate candidate for Congress – Keith Rothfus.  Rothfus, the Republican candidate in PA-12 is running a platform we know all to well. His election would mean another vote for the Romney economy in the House of Representatives.

His positions include extending the Bush tax cuts for the 1%, lowering capital gains taxes for investors like Mitt Romney, support for the Ryan Budget, and the repeal of Obamacare.  It’s a devastating agenda for the 99%, one that cuts away at the programs that help the economy grow with working people in order to give tax breaks for the very wealthy.

After protesting Keith Rothfus’s support for a Romney Economy we went to a symbol of Bain Capital in downtown Pittsburgh: Burlington Coat factory.  There we spread the word about the danger of the Romney Economy and registered people to vote in November.

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