City Council Holds Press Conference on UPMC’s Alleged NLRB violations.

IMG_1906Pittsburgh City Council, lead by Councilwoman Rudiak, held a press conference on Tuesday, denouncing the current complaints issued by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against UPMC. This list of 47 complaints marks the second set of complaints, alleging that UPMC has engaged in at least 47 separate instances of intimidation, harassment, discrimination, surveillance and illegal firing of workers, violating federal law.

Some of these complaints were repeats. Ron Oakes, a transport worker, who was fired for a second time watched the NLRB for a second time, allege his firing to be illegal. This is getting ridiculous. It’s time for UPMC to do the right thing, treat their workers with equity and actually be the charity they say they are.

Pittsburgh has a rich history of workers fighting for fair wages, and as honorable as that history is, it’s not a battle we should still be fighting today.IMG_1918

When “non-profits” are allowed to keep wages low in an industry they control, while being the largest land owner and employer in the region, while paying top executives millions, communities must organize in order to evaluate a non-profit status is appropriate. Through in the fact that the same powerful non-profit continues to have NLRB complaints issued against it, and the notion to question their status should be a no brainer.

The press conference received quite a bit of coverage.

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