Toomey And Rothfus Voted to Keep Shutdown Going

One Pittsburgh believes the key to real change is an educated population. Which is why we spend a lot of our time making sure people really understand the issues and even the politicians they are voting for. Last election cycle you might remember we had a few things to say about Keith Rothfus, a Tea Party Candidate for Congress; who, despite our best efforts, won a seat in DC. In light of the shutdown, and a recent vote to end the silly political games, it’s important to know where our elected officials really stood on the issue.

The City Paper does an excellent job in this blog post, of calling out many of our local news affiliates for their lax approach to holding politicians accountable and disclosing information. The most important thing to note is that Rep. Keith Rothfus, who has only been in office for 10 months, managed to position himself in a pretty messy corner. Just two days ago, the man voted to keep the shutdown going. That’s right, he cast a big old NO vote when asked if he thought it was time to end the shutdown. Even though the shutdown had already cost the United States $24 billion, he and his pal in the senate, that’s right, Pat Toomey, both voted to NO, when asked if they were ready to sit down and actually work try to solve problems, something they were both elected to do.

Thankfully the two of them were not enough to keep the cockamame alive in DC, but it’s more important than ever that we really understand who these people are and what they stand for. When given a chance to create jobs, make sure every American has access to safe and affordable healthcare, or just put this country back on track, both Rothfus and Toomey decided to vote along radical ideology instead of using common sense. Remember this next time you are in the voting booth.

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