One Pittsburgher Visits White House to Support Obamacare

Last week, we featured One Pittsburgh activist Rosalie Han, who decided to start the process of getting enrolled in healthcare.

Pittsburgher Finds ACA Exchange Easy to Navigate

At a recent SEIU event aiming to get people covered under a new law, Rosalie was able to meet a Navigator -trained people funded by federal grants to direct consumers through the new healthcare exchange- and find out how to get insurance. She was pleasantly surprised to find that it was much simpler than she had imagined.

This week President Obama gave a speech in the Rose Garden to defend the Affordable Care Act, saying that it works as intended despite the initial glitches in the website.

Having used the exchange through a Navigator, that message resonated with Rosalie, who jumped at the opportunity to travel to the White House to support the healthcare reform law.

A twentysomething says it’s easy – and important – to sign up

Rosalie Hannah, a One Pittsburgh activist who signed up for coverage with a personal navigator last week, said, “It was so easy. I thought they were going to need all kinds of paperwork but it was only a page and a half of basic questions.”

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