Pam Lee’s Poem to UPMC

Below is a poem by long time One Pittsburgh Activist and Braddock resident Pam Lee. Over the weekend we started our Activist Summit with words by some long time activists. Pam decided to share this poem that sums up her feelings on UPMC and their decision to close Braddock Hospital, a vital part of that community.

Hi! My name is Pam Lee,
born and raised in the Mon Valley
I’m here today, because I told myself,
If you stand for corporate greed
You’ll stand for anything.
So, I’m here today to let UPMC know
that I am one of the chosen,
that won’t let my community go.

In the 1800’s General Braddock Hospital was erected
UPMC took over, not what we expected.
Did UPMC take over for our future, or for profit?
I stand here today and say profit, STOP IT!
Charitable, (yeah), they got me irritable.

UPMC got me mad,
because the rebuilt to make our community sad.
They rebuilt and toredown,
cause the income didn’t come around.
They abandoned us and most of us frown
Damn, you got to go far
to find a hospital now.

So today I say to each and everyone of us
We have to take the lead
to stop UPMC’s greed.
We lost a hospital, because UPMC
didn’t feel the need
to be fair, or care enough to share
responsibility for our community

So lets take the stand and show UPMC our plan.

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