Quacking Down the School Board Vote

GPS Lame duck FFLinda Lane and the Pittsburgh Public Schools Administration got a much-needed wake-up call on Tuesday, November 26, as four out-going, “Lame Duck” school board members demanded to vote on vital school district decisions that will effect the district for years to come, despite the fact that they are leaving office and have no public accountability to these votes.

The decisions that went up for vote last Tuesday have far-reaching consequences for thousands of students across the city, including the approval of a contract with Teach for America, a program in which college graduates with no education background are recruited and trained for only 5 weeks to teach children in classrooms in low-income, low-performing inner-city schools.

Opening the process to begin the closing of Woolslair Elementary in Bloomfield was also up for vote. The public demanded, through a petition signed by 1,341 individuals, to hold off on these votes for only one month until the incoming school board members are sworn in and the public is given a little more information on the options.

But Linda Lane’s administration insisted on pushing the vote forward and the current school board voted against tabling the most contentious issues up for debate, despite little public understanding of the problems and solutions being offered.

In response to this display of disregard for public input, roughly 20 One Pittsburgh and Action United activists decided to publicly display their dissatisfaction with the administration’s actions by interrupting the school board vote with loud duck calls and boisterous “quacks” to bring attention to the lame duck school board.

Linda Lane and her administration seemed none-too-pleased with the interruption, and immediately ran into the hallway to escape the public shaming. It looked like we definitely ruffled some feathers!

Check out the video here:


We’ll continue to show Linda Lane what happens when she decides not to listen to the community when she makes decisions that affect our children.

More pictures and videos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/onepittsburgh/sets/72157638327498575/

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