Huge Victory: PA Voter ID Struck Down in Court

In a landmark decision for voting rights in PA, a judge has ruled that the PA’s Voter ID law, signed into law by Governor Corbett in 2012, is unconstitutional because it “unreasonably burdens the right to vote.”

The law was first put into place to “stop voting fraud’ despite reports of voter fraud happening so seldomly in the US that it is not believed to be a problem. From 2002 to 2005 only .00000013% of votes for federal candidates resulted in convictions for voter fraud.

7676681418_b3a7261ffdIt’s been believed by many that the law was put into place to suppress critical votes by the elderly, minorities and the very poor who often vote Democrat.  Republican state Rep, Mike Turzai made a statement that Voter ID would ‘help Mitt Romney win Pennsylvania’ which did little to dispel that notion.

This is a HUGE win not only for voters across Pennsylvania, but also for the One Pittsburgh activists that have worked hard for almost two years to have this law overturned.

We’ve worked so hard that One Pittsburgh was recognized in the Post-Gazette for our efforts.

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Voter ID laws are just one of the many issues that threaten the 99%, but as we move towards economic justice by taking on Fast Food corporations, the minimum wage, UPMC’s charity status, Gov. Corbett and more it’s important to look back and realize that when we fight for what’s right we can win.

We expect 2014 to be a big year, and seeing an undemocratic laws like this struck down is a good sign.


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