Sign the Petition–Pittsburgh Deserves Paid Sick Days!

Everyone gets sick, but not everyone has time to get better. At least 43 million people don’t have a single paid sick day to recover from common, short-term illnesses, 50,000 Pittsburghers don’t have the right to earn paid sick days. Do you?

Our nation’s failure to establish a basic paid sick days standard has never been so apparent and it’s costing workers, families, businesses, public health and our economy.

Government officials advise you to stay home (or keep your children at home) during outbreaks, but workers without paid sick days don’t have that option, and we all risk getting sick as a result. It’s a public health crisis and you can do something about it.
Please sign the petition to support Paid Sick Days:

Dear City Council Members,

Right now 50,000 Pittsburghers are denied access to paid sick days.

Without paid sick days, workers are often forced to make impossible choices when illness strikes: stay home, lose pay and risk their jobs; or go to work sick and put the health of themselves and their co-workers and community at risk.

Beyond the devastating cost to families, businesses lose $160 billion dollars a year in lost productivity when workers work sick and sick food and service workers are a public health risk.

Stand with working families, business, and everyone in the city and pass paid sick days now!

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