UPMC workers and community raise the floor on wages for Pittsburgh

For nearly five years, workers, community advocates, people of faith, progressive elected leaders, and courageous individuals from all over the region have stood together to challenge our biggest corporation to live up to Pittsburgh values and the authentic mission of a public charity. Today, One Pittsburgh celebrates UPMC workers and the community for pushing UPMC to raise entry level wages to $15 an hour. Now, we call on UPMC to allow workers to form a union without interference or intimidation.

“This is what happens when workers and the community stand together to make corporations pay their fair share,” said Donald Cooper, a One Pittsburgh volunteer and advocate from Homestead. “As the largest employer, this hard-fought victory won’t just affect UPMC workers, but all workers in our area.”

Pam Lee, a One Pittsburgh volunteer from Braddock who witnessed firsthand the blow to the community when UPMC Braddock shut its doors there, continued: “we won’t let up until UPMC workers have a seat at the table with their employer to share in decision-making and ensure that workers’ rights are respected. We are thrilled that UPMC will finally begin paying family-sustaining wages, but we will continue to hold them accountable until they recognize workers’ rights.”

That’s why One Pittsburgh will be out in strength with friends and allies on Thursday, April 14th to march and assert the demand for both living wages and the right to organize and to call for an equitable, livable city for all.

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