One Pittsburgh, community out in force to support UPMC workers on strike

Latasha TabbOn April 14, One Pittsburgh members join Pittsburghers from all over the region to support UPMC workers who are striking for their right to form a union.

For the last five years, workers, community advocates, people of faith, elected officials, and courageous individuals from all over the region stood together to challenge our biggest employer to live up to Pittsburgh values and the authentic mission of a public charity. Thanks to that pressure, UPMC finally agreed to raise entry level wages to $15 an hour. But, the fight is not over. We demand UPMC allow workers to form a union without interference or intimidation.

While workers across the country are making incredible gains to lift their wages and standards, Pittsburgh’s largest employer is still standing in the way of its workers’ abilities to support themselves and their families. Instead of allowing employees to make Pittsburgh truly livable, UPMC opposes efforts to form a union and find a path out of poverty. A living wage AND a voice at work are at the core of building a just and equitable city.

“We won’t let up until our friends and neighbors who work at UPMC have a seat at the table with their employer to share in decision-making and ensure that workers’ rights are respected. We will continue to hold UPMC accountable until they recognize workers’ right to form a union,” said Erin Kramer, Executive Director of One Pittsburgh. “The more workers are in a union, the better the economic impact to our region. We all do better when we all do better.”

WHAT: Day of Action for a Livable Pittsburgh
WHERE: Forbes & Bigelow
WHEN: 3:30 pm

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