#DumpALEC in Pennsylvania!


The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a corporate bill mill for the right wing. ALEC members include state legislators, corporations, and so-called “think tanks.”

ALEC is meeting at the Omni William Penn this week! Meetings like this one serve as a dating service for corporate lobbyists to meet state legislators. Some legislators’ expenses are paid for by ALEC through its “state reimbursement funds,” which corporations can add to with tax-deductible donations.

There are about 50 PA legislators with ALEC ties, but none stronger than ALEC’s PA State Chairs Rep. Brian Ellis (R-Butler) and Sen. Richard Alloway (R-Adams).

Behind closed doors, ALEC members discuss, promote, and vote on model policies to include in state legislation. Corporations have, according to ALEC, a “voice and a vote.”

ALEC’s model policies, including “Right to Work” and “Stand Your Ground” laws, have been found in state houses all over the country. At least three ALEC-inspired bills have shown up in our state house last year alone: Paycheck Deception (SB501), County Right to Work (HB1270), and County Referenda for Prevailing Wage (HB1096).

The legislature should represent the people, not ALEC corporations.


When: Friday, May 6, 12:00pm

Where: Mellon Square, downtown Pittsburgh

What: Tell ALEC PA State Chair Rep. Brian Ellis to DUMP ALEC!

RSVP here.

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