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Why are Pittsburgh’s working families still losing out in this economy?

We bailed out the big banks and corporations when they were struggling. But now corporations are making out with multi-million dollar profits and paying low taxes, if any at all.

Before our public schools and colleges are shut down, before we lose one more bus route, before unemployment benefits are cut – we’re going to make rich corporations like General Electric, Comcast and Marcellus Shale drillers like Exxon pay their fair share.

  • Good Jobs: We can build a city where everyone who wants to work gets a good job – one that pays a family-sustaining wage, provides health insurance and respects workers’ rights on the job.
  • Strong Communities: We’re standing up for good schools, excellent public transit, affordable higher education and housing for all.
  • Corporate Accountability: There’s more than enough money in Pittsburgh for everyone to have a good job, decent wages and the public services they need. It’s time for corporations and the rich to do their part.

Together we can do what we cannot do alone.  We’re standing up for a city that works for all.  Join us.

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