Donald Cooper

Donald, who is from Homestead, remembers his mother being active in the civil rights movement, taking him along to rallies and talking with folks about things like voting rights. Because of his mother and the work that people did together to change the country, Donald grew up thinking everything was getting better and that civil rights had been won. But when the steel industry left his borough, and people lost their homes and jobs, he began thinking about how gains can be reversed and something that had become very apparent as the very right to vote is under attack.

He joined us in Selma as both an homage to his mother and to stand up for those same rights now. Donald, who suffers from a bad hip, wasn’t sure he could make the trip, walking 12 miles a day, but he knew he had to try. Donald walked every day in Alabama and while his body took a toll it seemed his spirit gained energy.

The trip to Alabama clearly meant a lot to everyone who went, but for Donald the trip has been a catalyst for something bigger. Since returning, Donald has grabbed the megaphone at Wells Fargo bank, to demand a hearing for a woman in foreclosure. He’s determined to bring more folks into our movement to make our country a place where everyone has the opportunity to earn a good living and participate in our democracy. As summer heats up here in the North and One Pittsburgh amps up our fight, look for Donald in the lead.

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