Ted Popovich

Ted has been active with One Pittsburgh since he first attended a meeting in the West End. When he heard about the march in Alabama, he put his name on the list of folks who wanted to be there. Marching in Alabama to commemorate the 1965 march seemed like an opportunity he shouldn’t miss.

Ted is the grandson of immigrants, and has always been proud of that. But it wasn’t until he marched with Latino immigrants in Alabama that he realized how un-American, anti-immigrant, and voter ID laws actually are. He thought about the fact that his grandmother couldn’t read or speak English and about the fact that she
was probably undocumented.

He realized that there was no way she could have made her way in our society if she had faced the obstacles that are being placed in front of so many now. She came here to work and make a better life for her family. What is more American than that?

rom all over the country, some who came alone, some who came with groups like he did, and what struck him was the dedication people from everywhere have to jus- tice and equality. Since returning home, Ted has kicked his networking into high gear talking everywhere he can about the trip and the work of many organizations like One Pittsburgh.

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